This blog is dedicated to finding the poetry in the mundane and the beauty in the ordinary. Through the eyes of a poet, it can be said that some poems aren’t created, but found.


About Me:

A current undergraduate at Tulane University in New Orleans obsessed with poetry in all forms. Stay tuned for my eventual book, to be written while I procrastinate on studying for Chemistry.

The picture shown is the header of my YOUTUBE PAGE where I post a couple videos of my spoken word endeavors. If I could just make my living off of traveling around and doing spoken word and poetry slams I definitely would, but alas, my life has not quite worked out that way just yet. That being said, if you ever need a poet for an event…. and can provide $$…

I placed 4th place in Texas Grand Slam (2017), am a winner of  Youth Speaks’ “Raise Up” spoken word Competition (2014), the Captain of Tulane’s Slam poetry team, and a member of Team Slam New Orleans.

Twitter: @CropTopAssassin

Email: jaenichelle@gmail.com