FPOTD: Every Young Woman’s Battle

Woman Poem

Found from Every Young Woman’s Battle by Shannon Etheridge.

Being a woman… scratch that… being a black woman comes with its own set of politics and other things that I’m personally tired of.

Every one always has something to say about how and why and when I should live and act and be.

I’m over it. Looking into womanism.

If you’re like me, let’s band together.*inserts power fist emoji*

Stay Pofound,



3 thoughts on “FPOTD: Every Young Woman’s Battle

  1. I love this poem! I am a female Christian college student as well, & I definitely agree that everyone has a different opinion of who we should be or what we should do with our lives. How we feel doesn’t seem to be a personal decision either. As an athlete, multiple times peers have walked up to me at lunch asking if I’m going to eat all that food… Seriously?

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